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Who We Are

The Acton Institute is a think-tank whose mission is to promote a free and virtuous society characterized by individual liberty and sustained by religious principles.

This direction recognizes the benefits of a limited government, but also the beneficent consequences of a free market. It embraces an objective framework of moral values, but also recognizes and appreciates the subjective nature of economic value. It views justice as a duty of all to give the one his due but, more importantly, as an individual obligation to serve the common good and not just his own needs and wants. In order to promote a more profound understanding of the coming together of faith and liberty, Acton involves members of religious, business, and academic spheres in its various seminars, publications, and academic activities. It is our hope that by demonstrating the compatibility of faith, liberty, and free economic activity, religious leaders and entrepreneurs can contribute by helping to shape a society that is secure, free, and virtuous.

What We Do


The Acton Institute produces a diverse set of publications including editorials, journals, and newsletters to inform and educate readers about the relationship between individual liberty and religious principles, which promote and sustain the free and virtuous society.


The Acton Institute hosts a wide array of engaging and award winning conferences, dinner events, lectures, roundtables, video screenings, and more, featuring prolific speakers and experts in the fields of economics, theology, and philosophy, among others.


Acton Research accommodates in-house and externally-based scholars from a variety of nationalities, Christian confessions, and intellectual disciplines. These disciplines include theology, philosophy, history, economics, and law. The investigations of these scholars attempt to clarify the foundations of a free, humane, and virtuous society.

... and More

In addition to publications, events, and research, Acton also produces film series, videos, engages in international outreach, translation projects, and much more!

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