Kristopher Bex

Kristopher Bex

The Remnant Trust


For the past 18 years, Mr. Bex has served as the President and a board member of The Remnant Trust, Inc. currently located in Lubbock, Texas and Cambridge City, Indiana. Mr. Bex has been a part of The Remnant Trust since its infancy as one of the original board members and incorporators. He found its ideas to be “unique, interesting and thought it might accomplish some good.”

Mr. Bex has always been interested in literature and grew up with the basic understanding of history. He has had a deeply rooted interest in philosophy, politics, and the origins of these ideas.  Mr. Bex conducts extensive research in Science Fiction, Future Fiction, and their implications upon liberty and dignity.

His first encounter with an antiquarian document was when he was visiting England at the University of Oxford at the Bodleian Library before The Remnant Trust incorporated. Mr. Bex found the experience of being able to hold, touch, and read books from an earlier era a different experience, one that concretizes history.

He sees the books in The Remnant Trust collection as a catalyst for contemplation and conversation.  He hopes “people will talk about the ideas within them and why they are still relevant or not today, with the hope of getting people engaged with those ideas.”

Mr. Bex enjoys the reaction from people who find they can handle a 500 year old book or any book from The Remnant Trust collection because it is normally not done, which makes The Remnant Trust truly unique. In addition, he likes to use the experience as a “teaching moment to teach others about democracy and republics as well as the great ideas of historical minds.”

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