The Theology of Business

Theology is the study of God, who is above and beyond our world, while business and commerce seem to be man’s most worldly pursuits. How can the Christian reconcile the seemingly differing focuses promoted by theology and business? In this talk, Dr. JoAnn Flett, organizational consultant for Partners Worldwide and recipient of the Fulbright Scholar award, demonstrates that these two seemingly disparate poles of human existence can, in fact, be united as parts of a whole. She argues that the purpose of business is not only to generate profit but also to better the lives of people and serve the common good. Similarly, she defines ministry as anything a person does to draw themselves or others closer to God. Thus, if business is the construction of relationships within the world, and if our God is a God of relationships, then business and theology are not oppositional forces, but rather natural allies in our pursuit of God and ministry to Him.