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Christian View of the State

Suicide of the West

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In the great span of human history we are living in the lowest rates of poverty. Over the past 10,000 years humans have materially prospered beyond the scope of that thought to be possible. However, our civilization and environment forms us, and left to our own devices we revert back to barbarianism. Jonah Goldberg explains

AU Plenary 2019: Kelam

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Mari-Ann Kelam was raised in the United States by Estonian parents who had survived World War II only to find their homeland occupied by the Soviet Union at the end of the war. She grew up with an acute appreciation for the Estonian language, culture, and people and served as Vice President of the Estonian

Communism in Cuba

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Communism took power in Cuba through deceit and intrigue in 1959. While Fidel Castro denied he was a communist, promising to restore democracy in the island, he began consolidating totalitarian rule and exporting revolution in Latin America and Africa. As the totalitarian dictatorship became evident, Cuba’s democratic resistance defied the Castro regime in two phases: